Privacy Policy

During the entire process of navigating in the platform and through all the pages, modules and related functionalities, including but not limited to the TOTVS Store page ( (collectively referred to as the "Platform"), TOTVS S.A. (“TOTVS” or “We”) assume a commitment to the privacy and security of all data pertaining to clients and visitors or Platform users, whether individuals or legal entities (collectively referred to as "Clients").

Thus, all personal data and information that you ultimately provide via the platform will be used only for purposes of implementation and improvement of services rendered by TOTVS.

Any changes in our Privacy Policy will be duly reported on this site. We recommend that you consult this page regularly for updates.

I. Collection and storage of information

Your data and personal information are essential so that any purchase or order of any kind via the platform is executed successfully. We do not store information that are not necessary for the processing of the purchase or request made by you. Certain items of Information, however, including your email address and full name, are necessary in order to contact you and improve our products and services. Thus, we can only delete them in the event of cancellation or closure of your account.

Financial transactions performed by means of the Platform are automatic, and no one has access to credit card information provided by Clients. Credit card information is not stored on our servers any longer than necessary to process the payments.

Although you are permitting us to use the information that we receive, all of your information will always belong to you. Clients' registration data will not be sold, exchanged or disclosed to third parties, unless: (i) the information is necessary for recovery of services offered in the Platform; (ii) we have received your permission; (iii) we received a court order to that effect; (iv) we have informed you, pursuant to this Privacy Policy, for example; or (v) we have removed your name or other personal identifying information. 

TOTVS may use your information to improve your Platform experience, presenting information, products and services optimized and targeted to you.

II. Promotional e-mails

The Platform only sends e-mails with new promotions or opportunities if you choose to receive them. You may cancel them anytime. If you no longer wish to receive our e-mails, go to your "My Account" area in the Platform to cancel them.

III. Advertisements 

TOTVS may use the information received at the time of registration or in the course of your access to and use of the Platform, to offer ads and make them the most relevant to you. After publication of the ad, we may furnish advertisers reports on the performance of their advertisements, including the number of views, etc., without, however, individually identifying the Clients.

IV. Cookies

Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that are transferred to your computer's hard drive through the web browser that you use to access websites on the Internet. TOTVS uses cookies to make a record of you and personalize your experience on the Platform. 

Consult the help menu in your browser or device to determine the controls you can use to remove or block cookies, or other similar technologies, or block or remove other data stored on your computer or device (such as the use of various settings in your browser). If you do this, your ability to use the Platform may be affected. 

V. Security of Information

You acknowledge and agree that, when we submit your personally identifiable information, there is no absolute guarantee that such data will not be improperly intercepted by unauthorized persons, including, but not limited to, the activity of hackers. If any interception or unauthorized access occurs despite our efforts, TOTVS shall neither be responsible for said interception or unauthorized access nor for any direct, indirect, or moral damages or lost profits that you suffer.

Your personal data disclosed in the process of creating your account in the Platform are protected by passwords of your choosing or generated by TOTVS to make sure that only the Client has access to his own personal information. The Client shall keep his password secure, and avoid disclosing it, voluntarily or involuntarily, to third parties. TOTVS will never request your password by e-mail or over the phone.

VI. Contact Us

For any questions or requests related to the Platform, contact us by phone at 0800 70 98 100 or e-mail at