Your project transformed into a business opportunity

We are looking for partners with the determination to transform reality, create new markets and develop innovative solutions to change the way business is done through technology.

Bringing Innovation to Business

Investment Focus

Our investments are oriented by solutions that resolve real problems in the business world. We seek to be different, innovating to transform technological capacity into scalable business models.

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Investment profile

ICT companies focused on the B2B market, or secondarily, B2C.

Flexibility to test out business strategies and models.

Highly scalable business models.

Synergy in technology with TOTVS, complementarity of the solutions, segments, channels or the target public.

Investment stage: Seed Capital, Series A, Series B.

Areas of Interest

Mobility Solutions

Big Data

Business Analytics / Business Intelligence



Enterprise Social Networks

Cloud Computing

Identification and Security

Internet of Things


Investment Strategy

TOTVS | Ventures operates based on the association with high potential companies that perceive they can go farther when working in synergy with the TOTVS ecosystem.

As partners, we seek to add value to the investee company, working to promote its growth, profitability and efficiency. That is why we promote different types of partnerships with the TOTVS Group, from networking to integration with its channels and products, even leveraging its internationalization potential.

We believe in developing robust companies prepared for new cycles of growth, driven by operations like the initial public offer, mergers or acquisitions.

Investment Process

Contact via the Opportunity Registration on the website

Alignment of expectations about the potential transaction and definition of the investment thesis

Analysis of the business plan and negotiation

Due diligence

Post-investment dynamics


Support for the startup via an incubation and growth acceleration process.

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